How did World War I influence the beginning of World War II? I want to write about how in detail what took place to make this even occur. What people did what, where this took place and what was the true reason behind it all. I want to write about how this all came about. I am going to go into depth on how people wrote about it and the many different explanations that came about of the real reason why World Ware two happened. I hope to include monologues from different people explaining their story. I want to know and express all the behind the scenes that no one knows or has heard of.

Here are the requirements.
Research Paper 1500-2000 words, double spaced MLA Format (if you know how to use Chicago Style Format that is also acceptable) No more than two online sources (must be from a .org, .edu, .gov to be accepted, with the exception of an e-book) Minimum of four primary and four secondary sources Must have a works cited page Late papers will be marked down 10 points for each day its late If you would like to include pictures that you used, please do not put them in the body of the paper Make sure you cite sources properly using MLA format

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