Write a research essay in which you make an argument
based on research about Margaret Atwood’s novel, The Handmaid’s Tale.
you will be synthesizing ideas and quotations from at least three secondary
sources. Your sources should help provide perspectives and facts that help to
support and explore your central idea.
As usual, your thesis statement should include both thematic and technical
analysis of the novel. Your supporting paragraphs should focus on exploring and
providing evidence for your thesis statement.

Write a clear thesis statement that argues your interpretation of the text. A thesis
statement is a summary of your main idea(s.) In this case, your thesis statement
should deal with both thematic and technical aspects of your chosen story(ies.)
It should appear in the first paragraph of your essay.
Argue your thesis statement throughout your paper. Every example you choose
should help to support your thesis statement. Your introduction should present
what you will argue; the body of your paper should support that argument.
Choose and include at least three relevant and significant quotations from The
Handmaid’s Tale. When including a quotation, be sure to give any information
that is necessary for the reader to properly consider it. Also, be sure to analyze
and explain the quotation’s significance after including it.
Choose and include between three and five relevant and significant quotations
from at least three secondary sources.

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