Write a 5 paragraph, 2 page essay on the play “a streetcar named desire”. You need to write about women’s dependence on men and how this theme is represented by a main character in the play.
The introduction paragraph needs to contain the author of the play “Tennessee Williams” and the title of the play “A streetcar named desire”, provide a brief summary of the play, transition into the topic and a three prong thesis for the 3 following body paragraphs (last sentence of the intro).
The 3 body paragraphs need to contain a total of 3 citations from the book. The first body paragraphs should have a quote from scenes 1-3, the second body paragraph should have a quote from scenes 4-8, and the last body paragraph should have a quote from scenes 9-11.
And the very last paragraph should be a conclusion which can contain a modern relevance of the play.
This should be done in mla format in times new Roman, size 11 font, double spaced with proper indenting.
Really need an A.

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