5.9 Discussion Post: Screening Tool Summary

Week 5 | Screening
Assignment Directions

• Select one screening tool (NOT an assessment tool) that you use in clinical practice or have observed a colleague from another discipline using. If this is not possible, review the literature and select a screening tool that is relevant to FNP practice.
• Research the important parameters of this tool: sensitivity, specificity, reliability, and validity. If you do not currently use any screening tool, select one that would be appropriate to your practice as an FNP.
• Create a one-page summary about the tool, tool development, and the parameters of the tool.
At least 2 days prior to the live session:
• Post your one-page summary of your findings to the discussion board.
• Read and comment on at least one of your peers’ posts.
• Click Add a new discussion topic below to post.
• Be prepared to discuss the advantages, disadvantages of this tool and your recommendations for its utilization in clinical practice.
Website to access examples of screening tools:

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