Research Report
Write a 2500-word research report of the study you completed with your group (learning outcomes 1 and 4). The report should include the following subheadings:

• Title
• Introduction and Brief Literature Review
• Methodology (including design, participants, data collection and data analysis)
• Ethics
• Results
• Discussion, Conclusion, and Recommendations.

In your research report, you must include the following as an Appendix: the ethics checklist, information letter, consent form and questionnaire (where applicable).

Assessment 2
Critical Reflection

Write a 2000-word critical reflection on the research you have completed and written up for assessment 1 – Does it offer good quality evidence for practice? (learning outcomes 2 and 3).

Title -A short and concise title, which clearly explains the study and aims.

Introduction and literature review
Comment on whether the background literature provides a clear understanding of work previously done in this area, whether there is a clear rationale offered for doing the study. Finally, comment on the clarity, appropriateness, and transparency of the aims and objectives/hypotheses.
Following this, considering the literature search you conducted for the study, does your study fit in with the body of evidence?

Identify the research question and comment on its clarity.
Is the method used the best approach to answer this question?

Using the support of appropriate research references, analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the following:

1. Design
2. Sample / subjects
3. Data collection methods
4. Data analysis and results
5. Ethics

Review the results, discussion, conclusion, and recommendations.

Discuss whether there are any previously reported studies in the same area and whether these studies offered similar understanding or very different research and understanding.

Discuss the above critical reflections in light of the nature of evidence-based practice by discussing what evidence-based practice is and whether the study you completed along with other papers, offer sound or poor evidence and the reasons for your conclusion(s).

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