Topic: Is South Korean entertainment influential politically?

Please note: be sure to define the entertainment industry precisely and maybe focus on specific countries.

The paper should ask an interesting question that is clearly relevant to the content of this course (i.e. international relations, broadly construed). Be sure that your question is answerable (or at least accessible to meaningful consideration) within the time and space limits of the assignment. A helpful way to begin might be by asking, What is relevant to the international relations of X, Y, or Z? In doing so, you can look at an issue, idea, or institution, or set of relations between one country and others. Whatever your approach, don’t be merely descriptive or historical. Rather, aim for an analytical and reflective approach that culminates in an argument. In other words, papers should express your own thoughts on the topic, not just what you have found in the writings of others. Moreover, a good strategy would be to lay out the terrain of debate by emphasizing diverse ways to understand the idea or the issue in question. Dive into these controversies and articulate the standpoints of diverse perspectives, even if they challenge your own views on the topic. Whatever your approach, be sure to ultimately take a clear position, present evidence and reasoning to support your views, and consider challenges to your argument.

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