You will submit a policy paper (maximum of five pages excluding the references) on how the federal government should address the digital divide in the United States. Your paper will have the following sections.

Executive Summary: You need to provide a one paragraph summary of your policy paper. This paragraph should summarize the problem, criteria, and alternatives. It should conclude with a recommendation to the President of the United States.

Problem Definition: After conducting research on this topic, you should elaborate on the problem itself. You should, for instance, answer such questions as: What is the problem that is being faced? What are the major causes of the problem? Where does the problem exist (i.e., which areas are being affected by the most)? Who or what is being affected by the problem? How did the problem develop over time? How might the problem change in the future?

Criteria for Evaluation: In this section, you should list and explain three to four criteria you will be using for comparison of your proposed alternatives (e.g., cost of the alternatives to the federal government, equity or political feasibility).

Alternative Policies: Keeping policy actions that have been taken in the past to deal with this problem, you should introduce three to four mutually exclusive NEW policy alternatives that the federal government could introduce to solve the problem. The more creative you are with your alternatives, the better it is.

Comparison and Recommendation: You should compare the alternative policies you proposed with respect to the criteria you listed earlier. Based on this comparison, you should propose one of your alternative policies for implementation by the federal government.

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