REFERENCE: Drucker, Peter F., “Managing Oneself”, Harvard Business Review, March-April 1999, pp 65-74

PURPOSE: This article discusses how we have to learn to develop ourselves. We have to place ourselves where we can make the greatest contribution. It does on to explain that we must stay mentally alert and engages during a 50year working life.

> We must know out strength/limitations
> We must know how we perform
..Ask yourself, are you a reader or a listener?
> We must know how we learn
> Do not try to change yourself -you need to work to improve the way you perform
> We must know what out values are. Values should be the ultimate test.
> We must know where we belong -by knowing all of the above this should be easy.
> What about the second half of you life ?
* By age 45 most executive have reached the peak of their business careers.
* There is no longer a challenge or satisfaction in their job.
* Many individuals establish a second career.
* Many individuals volunteer or become involved in a community organization

SUMMARY OF THE ESSAY: The challenges of managing oneself seem obvious and the answers seem self-evident. But managing oneself demands that each knowledge worker think and behave like a chief executive officer in the workplace.

SIGNIFICANCE: One might believe that managing oneself is an easy task and one that we would all love. But managing oneself is often a difficult task in this ever-changing global world. Employees are outliving the organizations in which they work and are mobile. The need to manage oneself is therefore creating a revolution in human affairs.
you have to use information from Organizational Behavior 17Th edition.

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