Modernists contributed to the genre of the short story immensely in terms of their subject matter and techniques of writing. Earnest Hemingway, Franz Kafka, Virginia Woolf and Katherine Mansfield come on top of those modernist writers as their short stories introduced new themes and different styles from the Gothic voices that dominated the genre in 19th century. Choose two of those writers, provided that you have a male and a female writer, and write an essay on a short story (or two) written by each, but do not choose (The Kew Gardens, The Indian Camp, The Garden Party, The Hunger Artist) Your analysis should focus on the modernist elements in their works, the reason for choosing those stories in particular, the technique of writing, the themes, the symbols, the characters, … etc. Your paper should also include a comparison between the two writers you have chosen, and how you think gender has shaped their works and made them different. Your essay should be 2500 words. Please use MLA sixth edition for citation, other styles are NOT accepted. Quote from your references, don’t mix a writer’s words with yours, this considered as a plagiarism. You should have at least 6 secondary references in your bibliography, in addition to the stories you are working on of course. Academic references don’t include Spark notes and similar websites, please use the databases you have on the university portal such as Jstor, Taylor and Francis, EBSCO, Springer, … etc

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