1. The Title of your Proposal should reflect your topic.

2. Paragraph 1 should establish your own ethos. Use description and narration to tell a story from your life to root your topic.

3. Paragraph 2 should be your reflection on and response to this topic. In this paragraph, connect your personal story to the larger topic that you will be addressing in your visual argument. Explain why this issue interests you. Explain what the larger debate is on this issue — what are the differing perspectives? (I recommend doing some background research on this issue if you are unfamiliar with the current debate). Also, explain your response to this issue: At this point, what is your major claim? (if you are not sure yet, pose here a thesis-driven question that could lead you to your claim)

4. Paragraph 3 should be your explanation of the rhetorical situation and your proposed methodology for the project. Who is your intended audience, and what do you hope to convince them of? Then, explain the genre of visual argument that you will develop to convince this intended audience (for ideas, see Chapter 9 of your textbook plus page 2 of the Project 3 prompt). Why did you choose this genre? What rhetorical strategies will you use to develop your visual? Provide as much detail as possible.

5. Include an evaluation of one credible source that provides background/contextual info on your topic and larger debate. Include the source citation. Summarize the source. Explain why this source is credible. Explain how the information from this source will help you to rhetorically develop your visual.

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