Evidenced-based Project.
Students will read one article in the popular press (newspaper, magazine) that discusses current research a topic in the area of health promotion and disease prevention as well as the original research that it is
based on. The purpose of this assignment is: (1) to understand the importance of evaluating the evidence
and research in the area of health promotion. (2) To identify current priorities in health promotion is in
the community at large; (3) To utilize critical analysis skills in assessing the validity of the information
available to consumers since these articles in the popular press represent the information that your
clients will be asking you about. A health care provider needs to be able to critically analyze this type of
information for their clients and families. A copy of the popular press article that you select, a copy of the
ORIGINAL research article that the popular press article is based on along with a brief (about 1-2 pages)
summary/analysis and your reaction to the article is to be submitted. Please use correct APA format for
this posting.

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