This paper will be on a topic of concern to society that has been brought about by science or technology. We’ve covered quite a bit of material that you can write on. Some suggestions are given in this handout; however you also can come up with a topic that is not listed.
o Make sure to explain the scientific basics behind the topics.
o Discuss the social issues regarding this topic
o Discuss your feelings/reaction on the topic
• The paper must be at least 5 pages
• The paper must be turned in via Blackboard
• Pictures do not count as part of the page count, neither do references.
• Please use a spacing of 1.5 between lines; do not double space.
• You do not need to use a specific method (like MLA or APA) to list references; be consistent throughout the reference section and in putting reference numbers in the text.

• OUTLINE the paper before you start writing.
• Papers should have introductory paragraph, including a short synopsis of what you will be covering.
• Topics should be developed in an orderly way. There shouldn’t be sentences stuck together that don’t make sense.
• The paper should have a concluding paragraph that sums up the most important part of the topic and discusses future studies/events relating to the topic.

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