The company we chose is Dunkin doughnuts)

The assignment is a logical follow-up and expansion of the “Environmental Scan” that each of you will have submitted as your individual assignment earlier in the quarter. The Marketing Plan assignment requires that you and the members of your planning assignment group demonstrate your understanding of the relationships between and among many of the fundamental concepts involved in the development and implementation of marketing strategy as learned in our Principles of Marketing text and class lecture, discussion and exercises.

Rather than choosing an article about a company or an organization (e.g. non-profit, NGO) and reporting on the relevant environments and marketing mix elements that are, either explicitly or implicitly, detailed in the article, the Marketing Plan assignment requires that your group choose a company or organization and examine the present situation. Then your group should explicitly detail how the environments and strategy elements are incorporated into a marketing plan for execution and return on investment in the near future (one year timeframe).

The assignment involves collecting information about the company or organization you have chosen for analysis and planning. The business press and information available from your target company, either in hard copy or from internet sources, can be consulted to provide the basic information that you will need to construct your objectives and your plan for meeting these objectives.

Whereas the environmental scan assignment dealt with the entire array of corporate or organizational activities, the marketing plan assignment requires that you narrow your focus and work as an integrated team.

Specifically, you will do the following:

1. Each student will do this assignment as a fully participative team member.
2. The team should start by determining your goals, expectations, project schedule and communication approach including pre-determined dates/times on the calendar to work collaboratively. Any potential conflicts (e.g. levels of effort invested corresponding to different grade goals, availability given work and school commitments) should be identified early and communicated often among all team members.
3. As a team, choose a company or organizations for which you will write a marketing plan.
4. Each student should independently complete and bring initial research about the selected company or organization to the group for discussion, debate and a shared decision regarding which specific product or service will be the focus for your plan.
5. The team will determine and document roles, responsibilities and, again, a detailed (dates/times) schedule, for completion of the plan components and integrated plan.
6. Most teams will choose to assign responsibility for further researching and writing one or more sections of the plan to respective members.
7. There is no minimum or maximum length restriction for your plan. Write as much as you believe answers all the requirements posted under each section. For most teams, the plan will total 10-12 pages.
8. Your writing, each section and the integrated plan, should reflect a natural flow of presenting your research on the company, product, pricing, etc., rather than answer to the listed questions mechanically. Your goal is to create a plan for company executives, shareholders, current and potential investors, and market analysts. Thus, you want to present your company and team in a professional, cohesive way, with a strategic plan and plenty of marketing details on how the company addresses opportunities and challenges in the marketplace.
9. The team will need to integrate the sections into one document. Many teams will formalize the role of editor with responsibility for making your plan look and read as an integrated whole rather than disparate parts. Do not under-estimate the role of the editor in both importance and the required time investment.
10. Check your writing for structure, clarity, proper grammar, word choice, and spelling. Utilize the excellent resources available from the DePaul Writing Center (ext 6782) if you are less confident in these areas.

Formatting Requirements
1. A single document integrating the various sections completed by your respective team members.
2. The document must include a cover page with each team members first/last name, course (MKT 301), section (number or day/time), and submission date along with the name of your marketing plan (e.g. Marketing Plan for Nike Women’s Flyknit Lunar 3 iD Running Shoe).
3. Section numbers and headings (e.g. Section 2 – Current Market Situation) along with the name of the student responsible for the section.
4. Microsoft Word file format only. No PDF. No Google Docs. No Apple Pages.
5. 8 ½” by 11”
6. Normal 1” margins
7. Portrait page layout
8. Single-spaced
9. Times New Roman, 11 point font
10. Identify every direct source. In addition to guidelines available from the DePaul Writing Center, you may find Chicago Manual of Style Online helpful.

Each student has the opportunity to earn 300 points on the Marketing Plan Assignment. Note that, in the overwhelming majority of cases, every student on the team will receive the identical point allocation. You will be graded on comprehensiveness of your analysis, details and examples provided, overall quality of analysis and professionalism in presenting (writing) your analysis.

Section 5 – Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy outlines the broad marketing logic by which the business unit hopes to create customer value and relationships and the specifics of target markets, positioning, and marketing expenditure levels. How will the company create value for customers in order to capture value from customers in return? This section also outlines specific strategies for each marketing mix element and explains how each responds to the threats, opportunities, and critical issues spelled out earlier in the plan.
What to Include
• Positioning
• Product Strategy
• Pricing
• Distribution Strategy
• Marketing Communication Strategy
• Marketing Research

Sources to Consider
• Principles of Marketing 17e (Kotler/Armstrong) text, Chapter 2, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15
• Principles of Marketing 17e (Kotler/Armstrong) text, Appendix 1 Marketing Plan pgs. 610-611

For the section above review the Marketing Planning Process outlined in your text.

Section 6 – Action Programs

Spells out how marketing strategies will be turned into specific action programs that answer the following questions: What will be done? When will it be done? Who will do it? How much will it cost?
What to Include
• A four column table with details answering the above questions.

Sources to Consider
• Principles of Marketing 17e (Kotler/Armstrong) text, all
• Principles of Marketing 17e (Kotler/Armstrong) text, Appendix 1 Marketing Plan pgs. 611-612

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