The task is to have the literature review on the topic of Electrical Vehicles Infrastructure (EVI) (or EV charging stations) development with the primary focus on research towards a positive outcome of fast charging network development (DC 50kWt, 150kWt and 350kWt).

The overall topic is related to Russia and development of the fast charging infrastructure in Russia. However, the most substantial part of the literature review will be related to the general approach (focus on European experience).
– Global EV outlook 2017-2025. Trends, forecasts, drivers, plans of car OEMs, countries, number of EVs, etc.
– Overview of Global charging infrastructure. Countries, number of charging stations (split by type: fast DC / slow AC). Define the relationship between quantities of cars and chargers in countries. Behaviour – where to charge: public (AD or DC) private/office (AC or DC). The history of infrastructure development (best practices; mistakes, etc..)
– The role of Government/authorities in EV/EVI market development
– The role of Car OEMs. Dependence of OEMs on the availability of charging infrastructure.
– The role of electric grid companies in the development of EVI
– Developers and new buildings – requirements for AC and DC stations
– OIl&Gas companies. Transformation of the downstream? Should they consider diversification/expansion of their offer (add charging stations in addition to the petrol stations)
– Build the hypotheses for the development of fast and ultra-fast DC charging infrastructure.

As a result, I expect the attractive secondary research report, enriched with the Figures/Charts from valuable sources.

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