The Wife of Bath has been described as “a great comic character with a touch of the tragic about
her.” This tragic nature of the comedy of human life, or comedic nature of its tragedy, is, perhaps, the most endearing and intriguing aspect of the Wife of Bath’s character, prologue and tale.

• Discuss how, and more importantly why, Chaucer constructs the memorable Wife in the manner that he does. What does the poet try to convey about human nature and life at large through the character of this larger-than-life pilgrim?

This story is located within *The Norton Antohology of World Literature” Volume C* (I’m honestly not expecting you to able to find and grab the version with such short time, but it’d be great if somehow some way it happened)

I’d honestly would appreciate some use of in-text citation into the essay as well.

The following criteria will be taken into consideration in evaluating your paper:
a. The clarity of your argument in the introduction and throughout the paper
b. The analysis and discussion of your thesis and the ideas you introduce as supporting evidence
c. Your facility with language, especially the analysis and relation of your ideas to the topic
d. Your facility with grammar and the conventions of critical writing
e. The effectiveness and depth of your argument overall—its introduction, development, analysis, argumentation, and conclusion

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