Each student will think about their career, lifestyle, personal, interaction and cultural patterns as discussed in both books and develop a reflective paper as to where these different areas fall. This will culminate in a paper of between 7-10 pages due at the end of the course. Just some general suggestions for the Reflective Paper. This is not a research paper but lets you reflect about how some or all of the materials from the course may be useful in thinking about your identity, values, goals and how they were formed and impacted your choices of: life style, career, personal decisions, interactional behaviors and connect these to the cultural patterns as discussed in both books. For example, are you from an urban or rural area? Are you a first- generation student? Each of you will have different patterns and combinations. I do expect that you will draw on relevant materials from Clash and Exploring Cultures. If you don’t fit what is in the reading what might account for that?

Your personal experiences and your dynamic biography are valuable but for this paper they need to be explored in terms of what we have been discussing and analyzing all quarter. If there are things you do not feel ready to share that is OK. You will need an introduction that leads the reader through the structure of the paper and explains how you are organizing things and why. You will also need a conclusion that underscores the highlights of the paper and discusses where you see yourself in the next phase of your life.

Papers should be double-spaced, proofed for typos and spelling and should move logically from one section to the next.

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