How should the ethical problems presented by Computer Technology, Information Technology, Information Networks and the Internet be approached? Write a paragraph of one page.

Ethics in computer science are morals and principles what is acceptable behavior while using a computer.Computer ethics are set of moral principles that govern computer usage and any copyrights related to computer and tech.

Ethics in computer field canpresent inseveral points:

1- Personal data: in this point the problem is getting the a personal data which is illegal to access , this can done in several ways the most one used is spoofing it acting as a real interface to the users and that make them victims and get their passwords and personal data .
2- Copy rights : this one represent stealing soft or hard computer material and refer it to fake owners, this is one of the worst ethics problem that developers and software companies this days .Throughout the society, it is well known that the illegal copying of copyrighted media (texts, music works, movies and software programs) is widespread. Moreover, many people who engage in such activity do not consider themselves to be doing something that is immoral.
3- Computers in the Workplace: Computers can pose a threat to jobs as people feel they may be replaced by them. However, the computer industry already has generated a wide variety of new jobs. When computers do not eliminate a job, they can radically alter it. In addition to job security concerns, another workplace concern is health and safety. It is a computer ethics issue to consider how computers impact health and job satisfaction when information technology is introduced into a workplace.
4- Computer Crime:computer viruses, spyware, phishing and fraud schemes, and hacking activity from every location in the world, computer crime and security are certainly topics of concern when discussing computer ethics.
5- Privacy and Anonymity. One of the earliest computer ethics topics to arouse public interest was privacy. The ease and efficiency with which computers and networks can be used to gather, store, search, compare, retrieve, and share personal information make computer technology especially threatening to anyone who wishes to keep personal information out of the public domain or out of the hands of those who are perceived as potential threats.

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