This is the the copy and pasted assignment requirements

Composer Style report

Choose a composer and write a report describing and documenting that composer’s style. Use specific examples of pieces he/she wrote to illustrate your points. Paper should be typed, double- spaced, 2-4 pages.

Every composer lived in a style period. Was their music typical of that period, or not? In either case, in what ways typical or not? Remember, for this you need to be able to write about the prevailing style of the era.

Where did-their style come from (teacher, family tradition, imagination, etc.)? What happened to their style after they died (disappeared, taken up by others, new era resulted etc.).

Your examples should illustrate the points you make about the composer’s style. Due at the last class.

Sooo I have chosen some of the composers discussed in class. But the report is only describing one. Here are your chooses

Hildegard of Bingen: monophonic muisc

Francesco Landini: polyphonic music

Guillaume de Machaut: I really recommend you to write an assay about him because I think he was one of the greatest composer in the 14th century

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