Case Study: Creating a Communication Strategy

For the Unit 4 Assignment, you will read Chapters 1–4 in your text and the scenario below. In essay format, you will create a communication strategy acting as the Vice President of Communication in this scenario:

Briefly discuss your biggest responsibility and to whom. Why?
What do you say to a global audience who is shocked and horrified by what is happening?
Define three distinct and varied audiences and how you will choose what aspects to focus on with each:
Anguish, safety records, financial loss, etc. Be specific.
State your overriding purpose for your ongoing outreach and the focus for each audience.
Discuss how to create and maintain credibility, based on your communication style and emotional intelligence.
Explain the channels you will use to contact people – TV newscasts, internet, live presentations, individual letters, etc. Be specific and explain your choices and how might they be effective.

World Wide Airlines (WWA) Flight 979 has gone missing over the China Sea, and there has been no communication with it since 10:04 ET last night. Flight 979 is an Airbus A380 carrying 598 passengers and a full complement of crew on its way from New York to Singapore. Passengers are from at least 13 countries. WWA is the third largest airline company in the world and you are Vice President of Communication.

Your audiences might include family members from Scotland and India. They might be business associates from rural Minnesota and an urban center such as Prague. They certainly include all ages, genders, and sexual orientations. WWA’s stakeholders also include shareholders and INTERPOL.

Assignment Guidelines:

As you write your Assignment, you are expected to fill in the details that are not included here, based on your particular career concerns. You may be interested in how people handle grief, or the reputation of WWA and the airplane industry. It is up to you, as long as you address the concepts of target audience, context, purpose, and channel using this fundamental information, and respond to all the questions.

Your paper should be between 1000–1500 words written in essay form. Include an introduction and conclusion, and at least two in text citations from outside sources from the Library and two in text citations from the course text. Also include a reference list. The Assignment must adhere to APA style and demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English.

Note, that you can find an introduction in the APA Quick Reference Guide in Course Resources. Overview of Requirements

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