Background: In her book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Carol Dweck outlined the difference between a growth mindset, believing that it is possible for people to improve at any task with hard work and strategic practice, and fixed mindset, believing that there are areas in which it is impossible to improve. According to Dweck’s research, those who possessed a growth mindset tend to achieve more than those with fixed mindsets because they put more energy into improving their performance in challenging tasks.

Dweck’s research has become popular in education, with educators trying a variety of approaches to encourage students to develop growth mindsets. As Dweck points out, however, in some cases her research has been misapplied in ways that do not foster growth mindsets.

Essay prompt: Write an essay in which you propose one concrete, research-supported strategy the can be used in writing classes to develop a growth mindset. Make sure you make a strong argument for why your strategy will be effective.


  • The essay should be approximately 4-6 word-processed pages in length.
  • Essays should effectively integrate outside research sources.
  • All sources should be correctly cited using either MLA or APA style.

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