During Weeks 4-6, we have explored a number of leadership topics from the perspectives of both team members and team leaders. This assignment will help to integrate these topics with the materials from Weeks 1-3 of the course. Be sure to make use of all that we have learned since Week 1, e.g., personal leadership style, the DiSC, TKI, etc.


1. Read the Celeritas case.

2. Write a 4 – 6 page paper to address the following:

a. Problem: Define the issue or problem. Then, explain the background of the case study and identify how the Celeritas senior team was dysfunctional.
b. Analysis: Examine the possible causes of the issue or problem, using the questions below to guide you: i. How did CEO, Dr. Philip Boyer’s leadership style contribute to the team’s dysfunction?

ii. How is Boyer’s leadership style different from Carla Reese’s leadership style?
iii. Why was Dave Lloyd ineffective in influencing his boss and colleagues?

iv. How could Lloyd have handled the off-site SVP meeting differently? What actions could Lloyd have taken to effectively work with his colleagues and get his career back on track?

v. How effective were previous team building efforts at Celeritas? What worked well, and why? What didn’t work well, and why?

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