Article/Case Study – Executive Abstract: 12 pages
Each student will write an executive abstract for an article or a case study of his or her own
choosing for this course. Students will read an article/case study (research, commentary, etc.) and produce a review.

Executive Abstract format:

Divide the paper into three (3) sections with the following subheadings:
Implications for Organizations:

Explanations for each section:
• Summary – A concise explanation of what the article/case study is about.
• Analysis – An explanation of personal opinions and reactions including points of agreement and/or disagreement. Feel free to include the positions of other scholars to support your argument. Other scholars can also be used to refute the author(s).
• Implications for Organizations – What does this mean with regard to your organization? How does this article/case study enhance, enrich, and assist your organization? Then again, the article/case study may not be relevant at all, explain your assertions.

Please see attached article

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