“If you should be allowed to do it, then you should be allowed to do it for money”. Discuss with reference to at least one of the markets we discussed in class

This is a bioethics paper, it is 1250 words, plagiarism is very very closely monitored so it is very important the paper’s original. The required readings are attached and it is important they should be referred to as well as the powerpoints that are attached.

The essay written is of a low standard currently and doesn’t answer the question too well, if this could be made to be at an academic level that’s what I’m looking for.

(Markets discussed in class are, organs, human remains, sex)

Marking Criteria:
provide innovative interpretations and arguments including insightful contributions to theoretical debates; and develop abstract or theoretical arguments based on detailed research and original interpretation. Your written work must be characterised by a high degree of creativity, scholarly style, and precision; show a complex understanding and original, creative analysis of the subject matter and its context; and take a critical stance in relation to the underlying assumptions in the field as well as the theoretical arguments and their interpretations associated with the course

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