Your task is to write a 6-8 page Analysis essay (must reach 6 pages, not counting Works Cited page) that takes a text and gives a critical analysis of its meaning. The definition of “text” is very broad here, and in this case can include a movie, a song, a poem, or other kinds of works. This essay requires at least 5 secondary sources.

Your paper must follow the specific format from the “Basic Format” handout you received for this class (essentially, MLA format) and be written in 12-point Times New Roman font. Failure to use the formats will result in the loss of one letter grade from the essay.

I have mentioned in class that the “5 paragraph essay” model is a good starting point for how to structure an argument. However, when your paper needs to be at least 6-8 pages that means you’ll need more than 5 paragraphs. Still the basic “model” of the idea – an introduction of an argument, then three parts of that argument, followed by a conclusion – is good to follow.

It is not enough to summarize and describe your work. You should also not make unsupported arguments– everything you do has to use the text itself, and then research, in support. Remember a message I’ve been stating in class all semester – it is better to give me your own words, for good or for ill, than to cut off your own thinking and learning by using someone else to do the work for you. If you are a believer, let us put it this way: Your friends will not be able to stand in front of Allah for you when you die. Nor will you be able to pay someone to stand on your behalf. You had better get used to answering your own questions now, if you want to be prepared for the lifetime ahead of you that will require it. In the United States we might say that you don’t want a lifetime of repeating “Would you like fries with that.?

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